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Recently my exams are over and I was hit with a sudden
rush of free time with no responsibilities whatsoever 
until the beginning of university in September. So I did 
what any girl who is not home catching up movies and 
books she had suppressed herself from watching and 
reading to cram the law of conservation of momentum or
the determinants of exchange rates,


During me and friends' trips to the three of the biggest 
shopping destinations in my city, I noticed that a lot of the
jewelery followed the now popular "vintage" style. Being 
a sucker for pop culture, I of course ended up buying some 
of these faux-vintage accessories. 

Et voila, on my fat fingers.  

This one is an elastic ring with a thin hoop. When I wore 
this today, I felt like my hand's nerves are being pulled 
towards the center of the earth along the weight of the 
top. My middle finger felt ticklish and numb at the same

This one is not elastic, but it has a thin hoop which made 
the heavy top tilt downwards. Had the same effect on 
my finger as the ring before. 

Got this last piece at 6ixty 8ight. It is too large for my 
wrist, which is a real shame.

Here are some trinkets on the bracelet that I like: 

I really liked how none of the pendants had a recognizable
image. Some may say it's a half-assed attempt to be 
vintage, but to me it's the most original take on faux 
vintage jewelery I've seen so far. 

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Dance with me?

Made this mask for prom. 

Rolled the ribbon roses under a freezing air con and the The 
Jesus and Mary Chain blasting on my IPhone. 

Stuck the lace on with my fingers glued together by UHU glue 
and wondering what songs will be on the prom playlist. 

Tried my mask on knowing that "Barbara Streisand" is
more than likely to be on the playlist.

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Brain Food

A couple of days ago I found this in the fridge, assumed that it
tastes like cream cheese, and spread it on crackers.

It was smooth, it was milky, and it was flavorless.

Turns out that it's mainly used for desserts, and dips.

I had no strawberries or peaches, but I do have crackers,

and this:

Everyone said it tastes awesome on rice, but I can't taste
anything except for salt.

So I mixed in the entire pack with about four spoonfuls
of mascarpone.

It was delicious, I can actually taste a tinge of seafood
flavor, and the creaminess toned down the saltiness.

It was the best breakfast I had in a while, try it and tell me
what you think!

Oh and about the title, my physics teacher told the class last
week that sufficient sleep and nutritious food is necessary for
excellent exam performance. One of the foods he suggested
that we eat is salmon. This will count as me taking his advice

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Yup, got into my "dream" school.

See the tuition fee!

And my fear for studying my major.

I had always imagined that people enter
university passionate, or at least confident,
about learning their major.

And I feel neither for mine.

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A while ago I checked out a Hong Kong girl's blog entry about
her dinner at a Japanese grill restaurant, and saw this.

It looked so perfectly grilled that I could imagine breaking the
crunchy surface with my teeth and immediately sink them into
the spongy cake and red bean paste.

Today I had to go out for a school event, and on the way
home, I passed by a bakery that sold this!

On to the pan it goes

Flipped after one minute

Leave on pan for another minute, et voila.

Unfortunately, it was not crunchy (except for the middle part
that was obviously browned). Worst yet, it wasn't warm in the
middle either! A decent dorayaki wasted by my impatience.

Dorayaki misfortune aside, here are pictures of another
highlight of the day: a visit to a boarding school for mentally
challenged children owned by Huiling, a local charity

very sweet and photogenic girl who greeted us immediately
after we entered. She seem to love painted nails.

A boy who kept on asking me about my camera. His questions
made me realize how little I know about my camera's functions.

I was impressed by how all the children are not shy and
so friendly even though we had only met for the first time.
If it wasn't for their enthusiasm in participating in our games,
the meeting would have been a failure.

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Baby You're Everywhere to Me

This fella has been following me all day.

The earthquake that happened in Japan yesterday shocked me.
Did any of you see the footage of how the tsunami carried
an burning structure for miles, and how it gobbled up everything
in its way?

It was absolutely horrific.

I hope that the Japanese people can get out of this mess soon.

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How to Conquer Lookbook.nu

Before I start taking life seriously I'll let you in to my
true form.

Clad with Sephora lipstick, plastic sunglasses that I had
frantically tried to find these past two days, and a beanie
with ear flaps.

See the stubble there? Kids, that's bad skin-care
for you.

Influenced by:



聖徳太子, my spiritual muse.

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This Chinese New Years I tried to be more festive by making
origami rabbits to decorate the house. I like making origami,
but I haven't made any in ages already apart from candy
wrapper cranes. I found an online photo album filled with
instructions on how to make different origami rabbits. I
spent five hours trying this and this.

And gave up after getting stuck on the second instructions
page for each one.

So I tried this.

Thought it would be easy, but

I got stuck on step 3, until!

I saw the tutorial video posted by the photo album's owner!

A real savior. But I had to add a few adjustments to get
the bunch up there.

Here's a step-by-step process for those who are interested!

Fold a square piece of paper into quarters, open it up.

Fold the two flaps on the side inwards.

Fold in the top two edges to form two triangles.

Open up the triangles and fold down to get the
shape above.

Flip the square over to the other side.

Turn the paper over.

Fold in the top edges again.

Flip the square over. Here's the head!

Fold the paper in half.

Open up the paper from the bottom.

Fold in the Two Corners.

Turn the paper over

Fold the pointy end in.

Fold the paper in half again, and pull the rabbit's head up.

Open up the half of the paper with the pointy end, fold the
pointy end inwards towards the head to get the shape above.

Turn the rabbit around

Fold in the two ends to form this shape.

It should come out like this by now.

Open up the ears and fold in the front part of the head to get
the nose.  VOILA!



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Chinese New Years Smells Like...




Auricularia auricula-judae, or jelly ear.

For all of you who celebrate it, hope you all have an awesome
Chinese New Years dinner with your family!

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What I want to eat every single day.


It's been 3 months, but,

here's the recipe to my banana chocolate swirl brownie
birthday cake!

Adapted from:

Smitten Kitchen's "Pumpkin Swirl Brownies" recipe


Modern Domestic's "Alex's Chocolate Chunk Banana

'Brownies' " recipe!

It was my first time using my oven, since, uh, 3 years ago?
I share a less than friendly relationship with my oven,
since no matter what I put in, what degree I turn
the oven to, what time I set the timer, or what color
was the mixture before I popped it into the oven,
what came out was always


And unsurprisingly for this baking attempt,
it happened again!

Fortunately, I was able to scrape off the
burnt parts with a knife.

Banana Chocolate Swirl Brownie

4 cups of flour
2 teaspoons of baking powder
2 sticks (16 teaspoons or 8 ounces) of butter
12 ounces of chopped dark chocolate
1 teaspoon of salt
1 to 1 1/4 cups of sugar
8 large eggs
8 bananas
4 teaspoons of cinnamon

1. Preheat oven to 350 degree, butter pan so it won't stick

2. Melt chocolate and half of the butter in bowl over a pan of

3. Whisk flour and salt in one bowl, and mix sugar and eggs
in another. When done, put the two mixtures together

4. Pour 1/2 of the batter in a separate bowl and stir in
chocolate, pour in more batter if it gets too thick.

5. Mash bananas, cinnamon, and rest of the butter together.
When done, add mixture to the rest of the batter and mix.

6.Pour half of the banana batter in to the pan, then
pour all of the chocolate batter into the ban. Pour the rest
of the banana batter into the pan, and gently swirl the layers
using a spatula or a knife from the bottom of the pan.

7. Bake 40-45 minutes till set.

Result? The "brownie" rose a lot because of the unknown
amount of baking powder included in the flour mixture that
I had gotten. And I did a major miscalculation, so I should
have used 8 bananas instead of 4. Worst still was that I
didn't mash the bananas before I mixed it into the batter
because I had missed the step since I was working in such
a hurry,so in the end the banana was scattered all over the
cake in little pieces.

I couldn't really taste the chocolate either, probably because
I didn't mix the chocolate and the batter so well. Oh right,
and I had only used 6 ounces of chocolate.

Oh, and I just thought of all sorts of miscalculations
that I had made.

Lesson? Don't leave your essays till last minute.

I was hurrying to finish the cake so I could finish an essay.

Lesson learned?

Not quite, I still got that 4000 word essay to finish up.

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